liz meyers


Liz Meyers is a native Michigander and elementary school teacher for Dearborn Public Schools who believes that teachers are learners who strive to be the examples of learning for their students. Reaching students through music instruction has been Liz’s passion for many years.  She has a deep and genuine love for her students and has learned so much from them. She taught in Seattle, Washington for many years before returning to her home state of Michigan in 2012.  Most of her 25+ years of teaching has been as a teacher of singing from elementary grades through college. She has taught elementary general music for 7 years and has directed numerous musicals for elementary and middle schools.  She has also enjoyed directing her school honors chorus and recorder ensemble. Her latest educational endeavor has been to learn how to play and teach the Darbuka drum.  Her instruction in drumming came from her mentor, Cathy Prowse, the former music teacher at Maples Elementary School. After her retirement, Liz was hired as her replacement and is beginning her fourth year directing the Maples Drummers. 

Last year, the Maples Drummers were invited by the MMEA (Michigan Music Educators Association) to perform at the State Capitol in Lansing during Music Education Advocacy Day. As only one of 3 groups invited to perform, the students had an amazing experience.