Kendall Owens, protégé of Professor Robert L. Reed, choreographer, instructor, and entertainer, is trained in many genres of dance. She is currently an honors college, fourth year, double major at Western Michigan University studying Dance and Nursing. Kendall realized her passion for dance and since the age of 13, she has taught tap, jazz, modern, and hip-hop. As a member of the esteemed 2015-2016 Western Dance Project at Western Michigan University, Kendall choreographed and staged the inaugural tap performance, Tapestry, for the collegiate tour. She partnered with a featured celebrity at Dancing with the WMU Kazoo Stars in October, 2016. 

Kendall performed in the stage play Spare Change II with recording artist, Vicki Winans at the Detroit Music Hall in 2014. She has had the honor to perform and substitute for Professor Robert L. Reed, Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards and Robin Reed at the St. Louis Tap Festival. She served as Assistant Director and Captain of the Detroit Hoofers Club, “An Exclusive Tap Company” under the tutelage of renowned Professor Robert L. Reed and had the privilege of assisting him from 2013-2015. Kendall has been casted in faculty and numerous guest artist’s work at Western Michigan University for Winter Gala performances from 2014 to the present including her own choreography, Friday After Five, that appeared in the 2018 Winter Gala. She also instructed and performed at this year’s 2018 ACDA East Central Conference at Ohio University.

Kendall is Founder, CEO, and Artistic Director of New Generation Fine Arts Foundation (NewGen), a newly founded 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting, supporting, and sustaining the fine arts. NewGen seeks to stimulate creativity and challenge young artists to produce impactful work for the inspiration and advancement of the community. Its purpose is to encourage and develop the fine arts in all its myriad forms, expressions, and techniques within popular culture through events such as festivals, showcases, and educational programs.  Through its inaugural event, Blaqk Box, the mission is to elevate and expose the talents of young artists in the community via master classes and a showcase where young artists from underrepresented ethnicities, the mentally ill, and the developmentally disabled are provided the opportunity to learn from professionals in the industry and share their passions through an immersive and rich educational experience. The showcase will feature these artists and convey their perspectives through expressions of diverse fine art forms such as dance, music, photography, painting, and spoken word.