Ms Keeda comes from a musical family background of famed lead singer for the renowned Four Tops and her great-uncle - Levi Stubbs and Joe Stubbs of the Falcons & Contours that produced some of Motown’s greatest hits. Also, Ms. Keeda is the daughter and niece of the nationally known The Stubbs Girls. Keeda is the daughter of Pamela Stubbs. Keeda sings, raps, writes her own songs, and produces music ever since she was in grade school. Keeda brings a younger style of music to the Stubbs name in her rap and hip hop tracks. Proving to be a chip off the ol’ block with the loving direction of her mother, Keeda is breaking out with National Entertainment & Management on her 1st tour in 2018 with her new hit single “As Needed”. 

She also has other great club songs like “Ay Oh”, “Hard to Get”, “Ima Flirt”, “16 Bars”, “Grinding”, “sofly”, “show me” and “Sweet Love”. Keeda has two sassy numbers she does with real attitude called “SoLo DoLo” and “Lay it on Me”. Still climbing the ladder to success, Keeda performs together with other artists, Katrina Carson and Jai Fears, background singer and dancer with Charlie Wilson showcasing her command of stage presence in the hot number titled “Bring the Heat”. Let's give her some love.