David Young, known to some as “Dave Yun,” has been doing pop and R&B music for many years now and his success has been traveling at an incredible pace ever since. He recalls always being an entertainer dancing at the age of ten to Michael Jackson and then fully embracing his musical talent. Dave Yun is ready to continue on his mother’s legacy. Being the son of one of the members in the famous Sister Sledge, (“We are Family”), it’s safe to say that Dave was not only motivated to take his career to the next level but really change the face of music with his infectious sound. As a child, he had the opportunity to watch his mother’s performances all around the world while taking it all in and learning from her during the process. All of this has since inspired him to want to do the same; so as a teenager, he would record himself in the studio not only possessing the voice of an R&B singer but the charm as well. It wasn’t until he actually heard himself that he believed he could really go further with his talent especially after receiving positive encouragement. Now, he recognizes the improvements he’s made since those early recordings such as his range and the ability to write his own songs. 

Singer, songwriter, and dancer, Dave Yun, is also an active member of the music group called CEO Entertainment, LLC which stands for “Conquering Every Obstacle”. Together, they have over 80 songs consisting of hip hop and pop that have spawned a great deal of attention throughout Phoenix and the East Valley in Arizona. Dave Yun has performed with his mother, Debbie Sledge, and opened for artists such as Marques Houston and Fat Joe and performed at multiple venues throughout the Valley. At this point, Dave’s goal is to create and distribute the best music across the world and make everyone fall in love with what he calls “real music”. According to Dave, the definition of “real music is music from the heart; music that people can really feel. Real music hits you hard in the heart like when the beat or the vocal first hits your ear. Real music is real life problems, love, struggle, pain, and/or happiness. Music is Life...We eat it, drink it, live it.” That being said, it’s clear that Dave not only has the talent as a singer, songwriter, and dancer, he has the passion above all else to ensure that his music is heard and appreciated. The foundation of music and entertainment has been planted through his mother’s legacy in Sister Sledge and Dave Yun is the seed continuing its growth.