Blaqk Box 2018 Showcase Concert July 21, 2018 6:30P

Audition Requirements

Auditions are open to all fine arts, i.e., painting, music, poetry, and performing arts.

 · All submitted work must include at least one artist from an underserved ethnicity    (i.e., African American, Hispanic, etc.), developmentally disabled, or mentally ill    group.

 · All applicants must submit an individual registration for at least one Master Class in    order to submit work for the showcase.   

 · Audition video should be complete, submitted as would be performed (including    costumes), and not exceed 3 minutes.

 · Applicants can submit their video in MP4 or MOV format.  Please name the file using the    following format: LastName -FirstName (or GroupName)-video.MOV OR

   LastName-FirstName (or GroupNAME)-video.MP4 

 · Music, language, and content of the work must be family friendly (i.e., no swearing,    vulgar terms, or references)

 · Applicants will be notified of acceptance in mid-June via the email used for audition    submission. 

 · Deadline for audition submission - July 1, 2018

        Submitting work via DropBox:

  1. Create a DropBox account at 
  2. Upload your submission to your DropBox account.
  3. Share the file with 
  4. Include group name and list individual performers/artists in message box.

Performance Reward and Showcase Requirements

 All participants:

· Will receive a Blaqk Box 2018 Showcase Concert ticket (one per person) and a Blaqk Box 2018 T-shirt to be worn in the  showcase finale. 

· Are required to attend the tech rehearsal before the show. Tech rehearsal schedule will be  provided upon acceptance in June.